along-the-way-poster(À Beira do Caminho)
2012 / 100 min

Director: Breno Silveira
Writer: Patrícia Andrade
Editor: Vicente Kubrusly
Cinematographer: Lula Carvalho
Music: Berna Ceppas
Producer: Breno Silveira and Lula Buarque de Hollanda
Executive Producers: Eliana Soarez, Leonardo Monteiro de Barros and Pedro Buarque de Hollanda
Associated Producer: Patrick Siaretta

With: João Miguel, Dira Paes, Vinícius Nascimento, Ludmila Rosa, Ângelo Antônio, Denise Weinberg e Débora Spadaro

The moving story of João, a man who while on the road, finds a way to forget the heartache of his past. By chance or luck, he comes across a boy looking for the father he never met. That encounter leads to a beautiful relationship that will shake the delicate balance built by João to deal with his ghosts. Inspiration by successful songs by Roberto Carlos.

Subtitles in English

Subtitles in Spanish

Festivals and Awards
Cine PE – Festival de Audiovisual 2012 Best Film, Best Film (Audience Award), Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Supporting Actor, Best Script , Honour Award “Gilberto Freyre”, dedicated to the film that best expresses the appreciation of the Brazilian identity | MOMA Film Festival 2012 | Grande Prêmio de Cinema Brasileiro 2013 | ABC Festival 2013 | ACIE Festival 2013 | SESC Best Films 2013 | Cine Club from the “Casa da Cultura da América Latina” 2013 | VI Russian Brazilian Fest 2013 | Festival Cinema Brasil in Japan 2013 | Havana Festival, Cuba 2013.