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PassinhoDanceOffPoster(A Batalha do Passinho)
2013/75 min

Director: Emílio Domingos
Writers: Júlia Mariano, Emílio Domingos
Editor: Guilherme Schumann
Cinematographers: Daniel Neves, Paulo Castiglione
Music: DJ Vinimax
Producers: Júlia Mariano, Emílio Domingos
Production Company: Osmose Filmes


When the video “Passinho Foda” reached 4 million views on YouTube, Beiçola and his friends were surprised. Recorded with a digital camera in a back yard during a barbecue, the video showed a new way to dance carioca funk. In less than a week, it went viral on the Internet. The documentary portrays this phenomena and discovers how the culture around the funk world has expanded beyond funk dance parties, DJs, and favelas.

Subtitles in English

Subtitles in Spanish